• Papi


    Another June of fatherlessness, childlessness, while the word FATHER floats through the air like pollen, the fecundity of it birthing memories of Apá, Papi, forgivable and forgiven on his one special day. But on the other 364 he remains that shadow of a man, afterimage, ring of precipitation on the counter that slowly vanishes. I’m 40 and I still feel […]

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  • “Dream” by Rigoberto González

    “Dream” by Rigoberto González

    dream For months after my mother’s death I have a recurring dream: that I’m riding an aerial tram as it slowly descends a mountain. I don’t see myself but I know I’m inside the metal gondola suspended on the cables. And nothing tragic ever happens, but the feeling of weightlessness, of stomach queasiness, wakes me up stunned and frightened each […]

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