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How to Feel Content With Your Life

When we feel bored and restless with life, we switch up our routine or try something new. However, sometimes we reach to the point where we’ve been feeling unfulfilled with our lives for weeks, months, and even years.

The feeling of discontentment lingers because we’re searching for happiness. Happiness is a strange concept, and it may be hard or impossible for many to find it because happiness is a state of being, not an object. If you are in a state of happiness, it is not in a continual state since life is always throwing challenges at us.

Instead of falling into the happiness trap, live with contentment.

The state of being content, or contentment, is about peaceful satisfaction. It is about appreciating where you are in life and what you have, rather than wishing things were different. However, it does not mean you should settle for a life that doesn’t bring you joy. You should continue to set goals, dream big for yourself, and do your best to achieve them. Just don’t rush to reach your goals, instead work towards them diligently.

The strange thing about contentment is that it’s possible to have outer struggle yet feel fulfilled inside at the same time. It’s because contentment works through the bad in your life while simultaneously celebrates the good. Being content is something you can continually work towards, whereas happiness may come and go.

Here are the ways to help you with your journey in cultivating more contentment in your life.

Live your values. You can easily be your authentic self if your actions and thoughts are in line with your values. Being your authentic self is going to give you a greater sense of contentment. Values provide us with motivation, energy, and they calm us down. They are essentially what we care about most in life. Values drive you toward your dream.

If you are continually thinking about the future or are dissatisfied with life, it is vital to make sure you honor your values in your daily life. If not, make a plan to honor your values every day.

Nourish your mind, body, and soul. Take care of yourself inside and out to feel more content with the way you are now. A lot of people stay focused on the future because they imagine themselves happier, slimmer, healthier, etc., but to make your imagination a reality is to take action right now.

Play up your strengths. Usually, we take a lot of time trying to change things in our lives that we don’t like. If changing our dislikes does not materialize, we tend to complain about them. Most of us have this mentality of being good at everything, but you need to know that everyone will have their weaknesses.

Rather than focusing on things that you’re not good, continue developing your current skills and strengths. Think about how you can use your strengths to the best of your ability to prevent you from dwelling on the things you don’t like about yourself. Emphasize the parts that you do want to have more time living a fulfilling life.

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Coping With Loneliness the Healthiest Ways

Do you feel lonely in a crowd? Being alone is okay with you? Maybe you are new to a city and having a hard time making friends. Or the people you love appear not in the same phase of your life. Or perhaps you’ve got all the friends you possibly want, but you seem not connected to them. You are likely suffering from loneliness.

Loneliness is considered as a complex mental and emotional phenomenon. It is something every human being has gone through or will go through. However, chronic loneliness needs attention as it can have serious health impacts. Loneliness can lead to depression and alcoholism, decreased immune system, strokes, and early death.

Here are some ways to recognize loneliness and deal with it in the healthiest ways.


  • Make a list of activities you can do by yourself


Create a list of simple activities that you enjoy or something that you are willing to try when you’re lonely. It could be playing on your phone, solving a puzzle, watching movies, crocheting, screenwriting, or quilting. The goal is to distract yourself from the acute loneliness in a healthy way. Better yet, go to a place you’ve always wanted to go and get to know yourself better.

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  • Remember that loneliness is a feeling, not fact


When you feel lonely, it is because something has triggered a memory of that feeling, not because you are isolated and alone. Our brain pays attention to pain and danger, including painful, scary feelings, and therefore loneliness gets our attention. When you are lonely, your mind tries to make sense of the feeling.


It makes you ask yourself the reason you are feeling that way. Is it because nobody loves you? Because you are a loser? Because people are all mean? Theories on the reasons you feel lonely can become confused with facts. Then it becomes a bigger issue, but it can be prevented. Just realize that you’re having this feeling of loneliness and accept it without overreacting.


  • Find others like you


Joining any class, whether it’s an exercise class, an art class, or a class at your local community college, exposes you to a group of people who share at least one of your interests. It can also give you a sense of belonging that comes with being part of a group. This can provide you with something to look forward to during the day, stimulate creativity, and help stave off loneliness.


  • Practice positive self-talk


When you are feeling lonely, you may start to think something like you hate yourself as no one wants to be with you. Negative self-talk only adds to your loneliness and takes a beating to your self-esteem. Instead, make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive messages to bring about more pleasant and helpful emotions.


  • See a therapist


If your loneliness persists after trying the above suggestions, it may be a good idea to seek psychotherapy to help with your feeling of loneliness. Professional therapy can help you change your thoughts and actions. Psychotherapy can help you not only experience less loneliness but do more in your life to prevent loneliness.


Whatever loneliness you are feeling right now, know that you’re not truly alone, and there are a lot of things you can do to feel more connected.

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Guidelines Toward Personal Growth and Self-Development

Self-improvement is an essential trait a person can possess. The urge to become better will be able to get you far and progress in our life.

We all know that we aren’t perfect, but there’s always room for improvement. We should always try to be the best version of ourselves.

Here are some guidelines to enter the path of personal growth and self-development.

  1. Know and embrace yourself

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Know who you are and who do you aspire to be. Always try to be yourself, focus on yourself and what you want. It is sometimes quite challenging to be just ourselves in a world that expects us to fit in and conform. However, it is better to avoid conforming to the standards, expectations, and ideals of other people because usually, they aren’t realistic, and aspiring to these can make us miserable. Don’t care what people think of us because we’ll be judged regardless. Embrace yourself as it is better to be hated for who you are than it’s to be loved for something you aren’t.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone

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Getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there means that you’ll grow as a person. So, take risks and aim to do something different, such as learning a new hobby or skill.


  1. Take criticism well

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You cannot please all of the people all the time, and certain people are just haters who always find a way to put you down, judge you, and belittle you.


Unfortunately, these kinds of people are part of our lives. The best thing to do is to take criticism well. Treat their jealous and bitter comments as water off a duck’s back.


  1. Know how to assert yourself

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We often go through challenging situations in life. Knowing how to assert yourself is one of the most essential skills you’ll ever need. Stand for yourself and make your feelings known.


  1. Adopt good habits

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Are you often getting problems with your time on your tasks? Learn to complete tasks earlier. Are you having tough times staying organized? Write down or make a note of your to-do lists and deadlines. Are you struggling to keep yourself motivated? Remember why you started on your goals and remember to focus on them. Adopting good habits will help you go even further.


  1. Make a plan and create a list of goals
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Know your ambitions and write them down so that you have a clear view of your goals.


  1. Be kind and generous


Everyone is fighting a battle, and the world runs better on kindness and generosity. Help those who are in need, and if you can’t in any capacity, then at least don’t hurt them. There’s nothing to be gained from being spiteful, horrible, nasty, and bitter to others. Genuine acts of kindness will take you further.


  1. Remember the simple yet the most essential things in life

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It’s easy to overlook the little things in the daily grind of life, but you need to remember they are the essential aspects of life. Go out on a walk in the park to get some fresh air, spend time with a best friend, pick up the phone to call a sibling, smell the beautiful flowers, or smile and say hi to a neighbor when you walk past them in the street.


  1. Keep learning new skills

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Learning does not end when you finish school. It is a lifelong journey. Take up a new hobby, whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, coding, crafting, taking up a new sport, designing, and among others. Adding more skills will show that you’re a well-rounded person.


  1. Be happy!

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Life is too short to live in misery. Don’t waste your time dwelling on the negatives instead see the positives.