• What would life be like after a cure for HIV?

    What would life be like after a cure for HIV?

    Currently there are several undergoing studies for HIV prevention methods, scientists around the world are working hard to find an effective HIV preventive vaccine for those that are HIV negative for them not to get infected with the virus. Then, after continuing the planned work that is being done, scientists are to proceed working on finding a therapeutic HIV vaccine […]

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  • Fighting HIV with Stigma: A Failed Tactic

    Fighting HIV with Stigma: A Failed Tactic

    Since the 1980s, the fight against HIV/AIDS has gained global attention. Although, as the struggle to control the virus has become increasingly more visible, people living with HIV/AIDS have also face increased stigmatization, often encouraged by prevention campaigns meant to help. In late December of last year, Fundación México Vivo launched an HIV prevention campaign encouraging pregnant women to get […]

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  • World AIDS Day

    World AIDS Day

    Let us never forget those who have left our side. Let us celebrate those who still stand among us. Recordar aquell@s que se han ido. Celebrar aquell@s que aún están. http://www.aidswatch.org/

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  • Payasos with a Cause

    Payasos with a Cause

    Clowning around and bringing a smile to a child’s face isn’t the only purpose of Los Payasos. Payasos LA, as the troupe of clowns is formally known, is a volunteer-based non-profit organization comprised currently of 24 gay Latino men in Los Angeles dedicated to improving the lives of children. The group, which provides fundraising and entertainment services to youth programs, […]

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  • Preview: “The Infection Monologues” in LA

    Preview: “The Infection Monologues” in LA

    Over the past 30 years, the fight against HIV/AIDS has come a long way. However, the stigma toward people living with the virus remains. Sometimes, it is this prejudice and stigma that causes the most emotional harm. To achieve a new level of understanding, therefore, we need to close the doors on fear and intolerance, and instead embrace the desire […]

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  • Surviving with HIV

    Surviving with HIV

    I remember April Fool’s Day 2008 like it was yesterday. That day, I could not get out of bed. I felt as if I were drowning and any movement I made took a tremendous toll on me. With an oxygen mask strapped to my face, I was rushed to the hospital. There, I had several doctors and nurses tend to […]

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