• Borchardt


    Entrevista por Ignacio Ortiz Este cuarteto, cuyos inicios empezaron hace un mínimo de hace 7 años haciendo covers de otros artistas en you tube, ahora nos presentan un EP con cinco canciones de autoría propia. Han estado trabajando en este proyecto desde hace tiempo.  Inclusive hay varias versiones que andan por ahí rodando, pero bajo la dirección del productor Ettore […]

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  • “Mena,” una reintroducción a Javiera Mena

    “Mena,” una reintroducción a Javiera Mena

    La idea de encontrar un disco de música electrónica que no sea superfluo y nos desencadene diferentes sentimientos e ideas, siempre es excitante. Javiera Mena es una chica que viene desde Chile, hasta aquí, nada irrelevante. Pero esta chica es un músico extraordinario que se ha venido plantando los pies, musicalmente hablando, desde hace tiempo hasta llegar dónde está ahora. […]

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  • Testimony to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

    Testimony to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

    Bamby Salcedo’s testimony at a congressional hearing with Rep. Loretta Sanchez on November 25, 2013: Good morning Congress Member Sanchez and thank you so much for holding this important hearing for our community, please know that we do appreciate your commitment to the issues of Trans Latin@s. I also would like to thank MALDEF and Freedom to Work for giving […]

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  • A Book review about  “On The Couch” by Dr. Angello

    A Book review about “On The Couch” by Dr. Angello

    As we know there are not many books that serve as a guide or even as an understanding of what it is to have a transgender child or even how to deal with those difficult decisions, doubts and unknown questions to parents of trans and gender nonconforming kids. On The Couch is an excellent book that was written by Dr. […]

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  • Keeping Up With My Meds

    Keeping Up With My Meds

    Hello friends from our GLBTQ Latin@ Community! I want to let you know about HIV medication and my personal experience with adherence. Since the time of my diagnosis in 1993, I began HIV antiretroviral treatment medication. During those years there were not many choices other than the experiments with AZT. This medication was given to anyone that had being diagnosed HIV […]

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  • Letter to my Queer Baby Sister

    Letter to my Queer Baby Sister

    Wake up mi cielo, I’ve come to visit To see how you’re doing, be here and listen When no else gets you or offers you support I’m here to take care of you when you’re hurt. And I’m here for you because I know the need To have unconditional love and a supportive family A safe haven means more than […]

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  • Making AIDS a Disease of the Past

    Making AIDS a Disease of the Past

    Hello friends from our GLBTQ Latino Community! Let’s talk about HIV vaccines. It was June 1981 when the Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) reported that “five homosexuals in Los Angeles had developed a rare form of pneumonia.” These were the first documented cases of what we now know as AIDS. Since that time, more than 65 million people […]

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  • Some Times…

    Some Times…

    Sometimes I look to my past and think of how much I have experienced in the last few years while living with HIV. I do feel that I have learned a lot from it. I struggle not to look at the negative side of it because; fortunately I do receive many good things everyday. Sometimes I forget that I am […]

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  • Mikel Erentxun “24 Golpes” (English)

    Mikel Erentxun “24 Golpes” (English)

    If there’s someone that knows how to get the most out of rhythm patterns in order to create a story and give us a rock & roll classic, that’s Mikel Erentxun. He has given our community these kinds of classics before: On his CD Acróbatas there’s a song that is absolutely gay –Desde el trampolín- and once you hear it, […]

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  • New Pope, New Hope?

      As we know history was made last month when Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his position the past February the 11th. No Pope had resigned from this position since 1415. Yesterday however, history was made once again when  the first Pope from Latin America was selected. For the first time in history a Pope was selected to be the leader of the Catholic […]

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