• Puro Drama: Review of “blu”

    Puro Drama: Review of “blu”

    The LGBTQ family narrative rarely makes on stage. And while it is refreshing to see the occasional portrayal of a queer love stories in theatre venues throughout Los Angeles, the task of rendering stories of families headed by same-sex couples justice is one few theatres take on. Company of Angels rendition of “blu,” written by Virginia Grise and directed by […]

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  • Puro Drama: Review of Brown & Out

    Puro Drama: Review of Brown & Out

    [Para leer la reseña en español haz clic aquí] On September 23rd in the heart of Boyle Heights, Casa 0101 opened Brown & Out, its first LGBTQ Latin@ short play festival showcasing ten scenes from different authors. It is produced by Miguel García and under the direction of Hector Rodríguez, Elizabeth Espinoza Otero and Corky Domínguez. Opening the festival, “My […]

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  • Puro Drama: Reseña de Brown & Out

    Puro Drama: Reseña de Brown & Out

    To read the review in English click here El pasado 23 de septiembre en el corazón de Boyle Heights, Casa 0101, bajo la producción de Miguel García y la dirección de Héctor Rodríguez, Elizabeth Otero de Espinoza y Corky Domínguez, estrenó Brown & Out, su primer festival de teatro latino LGBTQ poniendo en escena diez obras cortas de diferentes autores. […]

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  • Puro Drama: Review of “What’s Wrong with Angry?”

    Puro Drama: Review of “What’s Wrong with Angry?”

    If you fancy British humor, blond lads, Catholic boy uniforms, and anonymous sexual encounters, then you can’t miss “What’s Wrong with Angry?” Fueled by American’s fascination of all things British, from George Michael to absurd comedy, Celebration Theater’s rendition of Patrick Wilde’s “What’s Wrong with Angry?” tackles the criminalization of homosexuality in 1990s Great Britain, through the life of young, […]

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  • Preview: “The Infection Monologues” in LA

    Preview: “The Infection Monologues” in LA

    Over the past 30 years, the fight against HIV/AIDS has come a long way. However, the stigma toward people living with the virus remains. Sometimes, it is this prejudice and stigma that causes the most emotional harm. To achieve a new level of understanding, therefore, we need to close the doors on fear and intolerance, and instead embrace the desire […]

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