• LQAFF Spotlight: Magaly La Voz de Oro

    LQAFF Spotlight: Magaly La Voz de Oro

    The Latina/o Queer Arts & Film Festival is off to a great start after an opening night featuring unique voices and transformative stories. Warming up the crowd last night at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza’s Renberg Theater before the featured documentary, Magaly La Voz de Oro’s powerful voice was a delight. Magaly performed a short set of three songs, […]

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  • Who Am I? Say Hello to a Genderqueer Glitter Queen

    Who Am I? Say Hello to a Genderqueer Glitter Queen

    Who am I? It’s been four months since I joined the XQsí Magazine team as the new Creative Director. I’ve been working on several things behind the scenes, but I have been postponing my formal introduction on the magazine this entire time. I couldn’t figure out what to say. Who am I? Instead of indulging in blog small talk, I’m […]

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  • Reseña de Música Invernal

    Reseña de Música Invernal

    Este es un buen momento para que no pequemos de ignorantes y conozcamos que hay de nuevo en música. Tomemos como ejemplo a la conocida y cementada cantante de Jazz que hizo la siguiente pregunta en su muro de internet ¿quién es “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis”? Esto, una semana después de que éstos hayan ganado el Grammy al mejor artista […]

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  • Living with HIV and Dating…Positives versus Negatives?

    Living with HIV and Dating…Positives versus Negatives?

    February is the month to celebrate Love and the perfect opportunity to celebrate. Especially with Mr. Right, your hun, etc. or have fun with Mr. Right Now. It’s been actually 3 years since I been single and been content, not bitter at all, just content and in peace where I am right now. There been issues related to relationships and […]

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  • Islandia: Una Fantasía hecha realidad

    Islandia: Una Fantasía hecha realidad

    Reykjavík es la capital de este maravilloso país que ahora me tocó descubrir y donde tocamos tierra. El  país es una isla en medio del Atlántico, enorme, de la cual sólo conocí el sur. Llegando inmediatamente después de un largo  viaje desde Los Angeles, lugar en que radico,  conocí  uno de sus famosos  balnearios, un lugar reconocido en el mundo, […]

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  • What’s in a Laugh?

    What’s in a Laugh?

    Closest thing to romantic I’ve felt were the times I’ve made you laugh No other sign of affection meant more to me Than that of us making spontaneous sounds while showing the facial and body movements we’d make out of Not being able to hold it in I love our sense of humor Cuz when we laughed together It made […]

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  • Tender Memories of My Father

    Tender Memories of My Father

    I have tender memories of cuddling with my father as a child. We would take naps together and I would feel his body tower over mine like a lighthouse watching over its city in the ebony of night. His musky scent coming back from work still lingers in my thoughts, those powerful arms that would wrap me into a cocoon […]

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  • The Blind that Did Not Want to See

    The Blind that Did Not Want to See

    His life seemed like an ocean frightened by a storm. His ideals were like the waves, constantly changing, lacking direction. One day he dreamed with saving the world, and the other, he just wanted to travel, with neither destiny nor commitment, without tides to anyone or anything. Likewise, his temperament was unpredictable, quiet at times; grown and scary at others. […]

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  • “Change”


    It is  like ice melting no longer in the freeze, my state is changing now as the frost is releasing me… It is nonetheless still torturous how much less centered my emotions remain, as water expands and spreads looking for a new form to take. Liz Soriano

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  • Ojos Cerrados (With Closed Eyes)

    Ojos Cerrados (With Closed Eyes)

    La vida es mas fácil con los ojos cerrados. El mundo mas quieto con los oídos tapados. Sin mirar hacia atrás, confianza tu me das Cuando tu tomas mi mano y no te vayas. Sueño en colores, rojo amarillo y azul Me siento más tranquila en mi bella juventud Y tu sonrisa nunca falla de ser como el sol que […]

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