• Testimony to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

    Testimony to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

    Bamby Salcedo’s testimony at a congressional hearing with Rep. Loretta Sanchez on November 25, 2013: Good morning Congress Member Sanchez and thank you so much for holding this important hearing for our community, please know that we do appreciate your commitment to the issues of Trans Latin@s. I also would like to thank MALDEF and Freedom to Work for giving […]

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  • A Book review about  “On The Couch” by Dr. Angello

    A Book review about “On The Couch” by Dr. Angello

    As we know there are not many books that serve as a guide or even as an understanding of what it is to have a transgender child or even how to deal with those difficult decisions, doubts and unknown questions to parents of trans and gender nonconforming kids. On The Couch is an excellent book that was written by Dr. […]

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  • New Pope, New Hope?

      As we know history was made last month when Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his position the past February the 11th. No Pope had resigned from this position since 1415. Yesterday however, history was made once again when  the first Pope from Latin America was selected. For the first time in history a Pope was selected to be the leader of the Catholic […]

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  • Photos: LA Pride 2012

    LA Pride 2012 proved to be a truly inclusive festivity where every segment of the LGBTQ community was able to show their true Pride. The festivities for 2012 started a few weeks back, with different types of receptions and dinners, including the one held by the Mayor of the City of West Hollywood Jeffrey Prang and The Mayor of the […]

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  • Photos: Long Beach Pride 2012

    Photos: Long Beach Pride 2012

    This year, Long Beach Pride 2012 took place on the weekend of May 19th and 20th. During this two-day pride celebration in the beautiful city of Long Beach, California many different organizations from the public and private sector, politicians, club owners, police and fire departments, churches, banks, and lots of people from all around came all along Ocean Avenue to […]

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  • Discrimination at Miss Universe Canada

    Discrimination at Miss Universe Canada

    Jenna Talackova, a 23 year old woman from Vancouver, British Columbia will not have the opportunity to compete in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant this year because of the simple fact that the Miss Universe Organization doesn’t have policies that recognize trans women as the women that we are. This is part of the our continuous problem in our society, […]

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  • Enough is Enough: Open Letter from the Publisher

    Enough is Enough: Open Letter from the Publisher

    I find myself reflecting on the incident that led to the murder of Agnes Torres in Mexico. I am deeply saddened to hear that a member of my community has been murdered; not only that she was murdered but in the way she was murdered. I sit here thinking: how did it happen? What was she thinking as she was […]

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  • TRANSformative Loves

    TRANSformative Loves

    Love is a feeling that everyone in the world  tries to discover at least once in their life. Most people think of that love that will transform them, one that exists in fairy tales, movies, and even in the telenovelas, that we, by custom, watch daily. The truth is love is beautiful when it is truly found. And as we […]

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  • We The People: Entrevista con Paty Betancourt

    We The People: Entrevista con Paty Betancourt

    En su visita a la capital estadounidense al final del mes pasado para la reunión entre representantes de los servicios de salud, la comunidad académica y de las organizaciones que abogan por los derechos de personas trans en Latinoamérica realizada por la Organización de Salud Panamericana/Organización Mundial de la Salud, Paty Betancourt, activista y  fundadora de la REDLACTRANS y de […]

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  • Amores TRANSformativos

    Amores TRANSformativos

    El amor es un sentimiento que todas las personas en el mundo tratan de descubrir por lo menos una vez en su vida. La mayoría de las personas piensan en ese amor que los va a transformar, el que existe en los cuentos de hadas, en las películas, e inclusive en las telenovelas que, por costumbre, vemos a diario. La […]

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