xQsí Magazine was born like all things that matter: del Amor. We love our cultures and our communities, but often we find it difficult to love ourselves because we do not see ourselves reflected in books, in the news, or on TV.

Mainstream Latin@ media hides our true genders and sexualities. Queer media erases the importance of our unique ethnic and racial heritage. But through giving birth to xQsí, we unite them and make them one.

Therefore, the mission of xQsí Magazine is simple. We want to publish an LGBTQ Latin@ multimedia publication that reexamines identity, guides critical dialogue, and inspires political action through content that reflects the diversity and dignity of our community.

We believe in our community.  We have a vision for our community. We want to live in a world where LGBTQ Latin@s fully express their true voice and are acknowledged, embraced, and celebrated.

xQsí Magazine, entonces, is not just our magazine, but your magazine; This mission and vision is not just ours, but yours as well. Junt@s, we can make it reality!