LQAFF Spotlight: Magaly La Voz de Oro


The Latina/o Queer Arts & Film Festival is off to a great start after an opening night featuring unique voices and transformative stories. Warming up the crowd last night at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza’s Renberg Theater before the featured documentary, Magaly La Voz de Oro’s powerful voice was a delight.

Magaly performed a short set of three songs, each showcasing different musical styles and aspects of vocal talent. Sporting a red-accented mariachi suit and an effervescent stage presence, Magaly quickly won over the crowd. It doesn’t hurt that she has a breathtaking voice–so big there’s no air left in the room. Magaly’s voice was never overwhelming, though; it instead featured a consistent golden honey tone, which led to moments of pure auditory bliss.

A standout song was her second of the night, “Inocente pobre amiga.” Magaly sings to a friend, “Te pareces tanto a mí, que no puedes engañarme.” The song alludes to tensions felt surrounding closeted or covering queer people. At one point, Magaly asks a question many queer people probably recognize well, “¿Crees que yo no me doy cuenta?” The pain and frustration was visible on Magaly’s face and easily heard in her voice.

Magaly La Voz de Oro brings a fresh energy to música mariachi, sharing stories and emotions many people can identify with. Her debut release, Con cariño para mi pueblo, arrives April 26, and Magaly will be promoting the album with release parties that weekend. For more information, check out her website: http://www.reverbnation.com/magalylavozdeoro. In addition, Magaly will feature in Adelina Anthony’s upcoming feature film Bruising for Besos, a queer Xicana romantic drama.

The Latina/o Queer Arts & Film Festival continues this weekend. The address is below.
LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s The Village at Ed Gould Plaza
1125 N. McCadden Pl, Los Angeles 90038
(323) 860-7301
See the website for tickets and more information: www.lqaff.com

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