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XQsí Magazine — Adrian’s Top Makeup Tricks to A Youthful Appearance

Adrian’s Top Makeup Tricks to A Youthful Appearance

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After cleansing your skin and while you’re still slightly damp,   slather on a lightweight moisturizer  before aiming for your makeup treasure trove. Adding moisture to your skin softens the appearance of dry, patchy, uneven texture in your skin.

No. 2


The whole point of using concealer is to hide and correct any skin discoloration, a pimple that peeks its ugly head when we have to do  something important or see someone special. Well instead of using heavy or cakey cream concealer that can point to lines, dry areas, and under eye crepiness opt for a Liquid Concealer that wont settle into lines and covers just as well.

Backstage tip: You have a cream concealer? Try mixing your concealer with your eye cream for an added boost of hydration when you need it. You can also mix your concealer with a moisturizer for a quick sheer foundation alternative.



When trying to look youthful, the last thing that comes to my mind is a chalky, dry, matte Powder Foundation sitting on a face like cemented speckle. Try using a liquid foundation and setting it with a translucent, light diffusing  loose powder to set your base.

           Backstage tip: Only powder the center of your face, under the eyes, around the nose, upper lip & chin. Leave the soft glow on the cheeks to give you a youthful appearance!



A diamond is any girl/ boy’s  best friend. That is why when I do makeup, I only allow for shine to 1-2 features on the face. I go for soft shimmery textures on the eyes and lips, and keep balance with a soft semi-matte finish on the base and blush to make the shine stand out more. Too much shine can make you look like a Disco Ball!

 No. 5


I must admit I am obsessed with tweezing and waxing brows into architectural submission to frame the eye area. I have to remind you all that over-tweezing and thinning brows can actually age you many years your age.

Fuller brows with a minimal arch, and a perfect tail can make you look 5-10 years younger! Rule of thumb, when choosing a color to fill in your brow select shades 1-2 lighter than you hair color. Never, ever use black or grey on your brows as I fear you might end up looking like Groucho Marx.

            Backstage tip: Try using a brow pencil vs powder for natural looking brow. Use small strokes to simulate brow hairs and flick in the direction of your natural hair growth. Set and forget your desired brow shape with a clear brow gel.

No. 6


Even if you don’t have luscious looking lashes, fake it till you make it. Curling your eye lashes opens up your eye and make you look brighter, its like the miracle braw, but for your eye lashes!

No. 7


You have been using black eye liner since day 1 of when you decided to wear makeup back in Jr. High. Its time you break up and end up that relationship, deep brown has the impact of black, but looks less jarring for everyday makeup. The easiest way to “open up the eyes is by taking the pencil along the upper lashes only, and “lift the lines at the outer corners with a cotton swab,I  recommend flicking the liner up at the outer corners with the cotton swab to create the tiniest wings. If you wear black during the day and black during the night, what is the difference with your day look vs your night look?

No. 8


Lashes get thinner as we age, (I wish my waist line could say the same thing)

So when looking for a mascara look for features such as Thickening, Lengthening, and Curling (TLC). When you apply your mascara, always start at the root of the last and wiggle towards the tip of the lash.

 Backstage tip: Pumping your mascara wand into the tube can trap air and dry the formula. Throw away your mascara after 3 months especially if you notice little black particles under your eyes (you don’t want that getting into your eye). Use a lash separator after you apply mascara to get a “flirty” natural looking lash look and remove the excess bulk that can cause your lashes to weigh down & flatten out.

No. 9


Gone are the days of heavy, matte, powdered highlights on the face that once chiseled many famous faces in the days of pre-technology of HD in film and TV.

Choose a sheer liquid highlighter and dab it on the cheek bone, avoid the brow bone as shimmer should be on the eye lid and not all over the eye. This will give you subtle and glamourous highlight while preventing  the flat-face look.

No. 10


A sad fact that as we age, our lips get smaller (unless you pay a visit to the lip injection Dr.) I recommend choosing shades that enhance your natural lip tone, rather than bringing attention to the area with milky white colors that make you look like you where eating a white powdered donut.

Look for something between your natural lip color and a berry shade, you can always sheer out a color with a golden-beige lipgloss.


Here are a few shades that look great with your skin tone.

Fair Skin: Pink based nude colors

Medium Skin: Beige based nude colors

Dark Skin: Peach based nude colors

Deep Dark Skin: Golden or Berry based nude colors

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About the author

Adrian Villa is a Los Angeles based Celebrity Makeup Artist, Make-up Instructor, and works for various Cosmetic Companies as Private Consulting to many brands world wide. His approach to beauty is simple, innovative, modern, and at times radical. This sets Adrian aside and makes him a favorite among today’s designers, producers, models, celebrities, and other talent in the industry. Besides working with celebrities such as Alicia Keys, PINK, Lenny Kravitz, and Tom Hanks; Adrian also makes magic on the red carpet at the Grammy's, Emmys, Oscars, and Latin Grammy's.

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