Mikel Erentxun “24 Golpes” (English)

If there’s someone that knows how to get the most out of rhythm patterns in order to create a story and give us a rock & roll classic, that’s Mikel Erentxun. He has given our community these kinds of classics before: On his CD Acróbatas there’s a song that is absolutely gay –Desde el trampolín- and once you hear it, it doesn’t let go. This is a gay song performed by a straight singer. And that’s because he gets to collaborate with the lyricist J.L. Corman, who happens to be gay.

And it’s at this moment that we understand why so many of the songs by Mikel Erentxun have that untouchable ambiguous quality; the artist himself can tell you in a subtle or obvious way that he idolizes Morrisey and David Bowie, Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash. And all of the above is tangible in this production.

When he decided to make 24 Golpes, Mikel went for the minimum, musically speaking: recording analog, basing as much as possible on guitars and voice. And his lyrics, although familiar, now are more polished.

The song Intacto is a juxtaposition between the music and the lyric. A perfect balance: romantic without being too sweet, sweet without being sticky.
“…Every absence, every time you give yourself. Everything that I love about you.”

The song 24 Golpes is an homage to Johnny Cash, while in the song Samurai we can clearly see the hand of Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz’ usual collaborator). What an amazing producer! Srta. Soledad puts the artist in a frame of touching vulnerability. This song has that slow rhythm, and for all of us that have had a broken heart, we know that this song is just one instant in those endless uneasy nights that only She, Srta. Soledad will accompany us.

Mikel Erentxun always has been a friend of the community, giving us his support, but above all, amazing music that we gays and lesbians can relate to since its music does not have gender.

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