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“Trans* individuals are constantly asked to adapt to their surroundings. I am always aware of my perceived gender/gender expression. In a conservative, cissexist work environment I am required to painfully adapt or be continuously misgendered, which is incredibly triggering and dysphoric, not to mention exhausting. I ask myself these questions: What are my pronouns worth? What would I give up just to be called something so simple as ‘he’? To me, being trans* means constantly having to give up pieces of yourself without losing your core, your essence, your fabulousness. A balance that is difficult, to say the very least.”

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About the author

Van Binfa

Van is a queer Chilean trans man who lives on the side of fabulous. He has been actively involved in trans* advocacy for two years, with his most recent endeavor being the founder and facilitator of Soy Quien Soy: Trans Empowerment Collective. SQS is a source of strength and support for trans* people of all colors, and holds its meetings in Pilsen as a way of extending trans* resources outside of the Boystown area. In addition, Van is a volunteer (and soon to be board member) of PrideCall Inc., an LGBTQ hotline based in Woodstock, IL. Drawing and doodling since the age of three, Van is first and foremost an English geek. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English—with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies—from Roosevelt University in 2010. One of his senior projects—entitled “The Van that Came Out of Somewhere”—incorporated web comic media and trans*/queer theory to promote a new trans* narrative. This narrative supports trans* pride and confident self-image. Since beginning that project, he has continued to work on web comics centering on his experience as a Latino trans man, and he is incredibly excited to work with xQsí.

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