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This year, Long Beach Pride 2012 took place on the weekend of May 19th and 20th. During this two-day pride celebration in the beautiful city of Long Beach, California many different organizations from the public and private sector, politicians, club owners, police and fire departments, churches, banks, and lots of people from all around came all along Ocean Avenue to show their support and pride for who we are as an LGBTQ community.

The pride parade started around 11:30 AM and it took about two hours for all the different marvelous floats to showcase their beauty, colors, music and gorgeous people featured in them. One of the things that made me very proud on this particular day was that there was many Queer Latin@ people all along Ocean Avenue who came out and showed their pride. I was able to see the beauty of our community and how diverse we truly are, in the pride parade there was people from different parts of Latin America, I was able to make new friends and take wonderful pictures of the uniqueness of our Latin@ Queer Cultura.

After the parade, I went to the festival to continue to see the beauty of our community. There I was able to see many people who I knew but I was also able to meet new people who were simply amazing. At the “Latin@ tent” which is called Fiesta Caliente, Andrés Cuervo, Ángel García, Banda Rebeldes, Diego Schoening, Flava and Lucía Méndez took the stage and great DJs throughout the day had tod@s bailando y moviendo el bote all day long.

At the end of the day I was really tired but I was really glad that I was able to see people having fun. For the first time I did not see any fights among anyone. I was really pleased that in this era we are getting along, we all look beautiful as a community and I was able to admire all the wonderful people who just came to show their pride on a Sunday afternoon.

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