An advocate for the Mexican lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) community, Agnes Torres Sulca, was found murdered in Atlixco, Puebla this past Saturday, March 10.

According to reports from the State Attorney’s Office, the body of Agnes Torres was found abandoned in a ditch near an expressway in Atlixco, with a neck wound, burns throughout her body, and visible signs of torture. Her death is presumed to be a hate crime.

Puebla LGBTQ organization No Dejarse Es Incluirse, AC condemned the murder, saying via press release “we condemn the murder of the woman, academic, psychologist, educator, model and activist for human rights of all women in general and of all sexual diversity. We are also shocked, saddened, angered, and saddened by the crime and  we feel powerless once again because a valuable person has succumbed to the most brutal form of gender-based violence. Learned violence, encouraged violence, violence against women. In this case, a transgender woman.”

Missing for over a week, with friends and family attempting to reach her through social media, Agnes was last seen by her mother as she was leaving for Chipilo.

Asking the authorities to treat this murder as if it were that of politician’s relative, No Dejarse es Incluirse, AC urge for the a quick investigation into Agnes’ murder.

“We demand the authorities immediately clarify the the murder of Agnes Torres Sulca. We do not want to feel the helplessness, abandonment and legal neglect. The authorities and institutions need to take action on the matter once and for all. No more impunity in anti-LGBTQ homocides.”

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