UPDATE 3/10/2012

Four young men have been arrested in connection to the attack on Daniel Zamudio:  Raúl Alfonso López Fuentes (25), Alejandro Axel Angulo Tapia (26), Patricio Iván Ahumada Garay  (25), Fabián Alexis Mora Mora (19).

According to authorities, only Raúl López has acknowledged any participation in Daniel Zamudio’s attack. The rest claim to have found Daniel drunk and sleeping and had only awoken him to invite him to drink with them.

However, the chief of the Department of Investigation of Criminal Organizations (OS9) Col. Eric Gajardo, has confirmed that police has evidence to the four men’s direct participation in the attack stating that the suspects “thus recompiled background has allowed [authorities] to categorically deduce that they simpathize with Nazi ideology.”

Col. Gajardo also mentioned that some of the men have been arrested previously under suspicion of attack on immigrants and other minorities.

Daniel Zamudio is still hospitalized. He has awoken from the coma and listed in serious condition.

UPDATE 3/6/2012

The parents of Daniel Zamudio have made plea to the public, asking that those responsible for the heinous attack be charged to the full extent of the law.

“We are overwhelmed with sadness and an enormous helplessness,” said Jacqueline and Iván Zamudio, parents of the victim. “We can’t understand how our son was attacked for his homosexuality. We only ask for justice and for you to help us obtain it.”

According to reports, Daniel was found unconscious by a security guard at San Borja Park in Santiago, Chile and immediately taken to the hospital. His body counted with a laceration on his ear, multiple cigarette burns, and swastikas on his abdomen.

At this time, there is no one in custody for the attack. MOVILH has taken to social media to help bring justice to Daniel and his family, asking people to contact them with any information regarding the assault or the moment leading to the assault

We need to compile all the information necessary to secure justice,” said MOVILH Spokesperson Jaime Parada via press release.

The Chilean Movement for Gay Integration and Liberation (MOVILH) reports that, last weekend, a group of neo-nazis violently attacked a young man in Santiago, Chile leaving him in a coma. The 24 year old man has been identified by the MOVILH as Daniel Zamudio, an openly gay youth.

According to reports, the alleged assailants beat Daniel until he fell unconscious. Once he was knocked out, they proceeded to mark his body with neo-nazi symbols.

Calling it “one of the worst and most dramatic” attacks known, the MOVILH will gather tomorrow (Tuesday March 6th) at 11:45 am CLST along with the young man’s family to publicly denounce the homophobic attack.

More details will be released as they unfold.

Editors note: a previous version of the article indicated that Zamudio was 23. The story has been corrected.

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