2011 has been an amazing year for us here at xQsí, despite the bumps encountered along the way. Thanks to the hard work of our founders and the continued dedication of our editorial team, we have been able to grow from dream to reality. However, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you who visit our page, share our links, and engage in the conversation. From the bottom of our hearts – ¡Gracias!

Now without further ado, we present to you the top 10 posts of 2011.

#10 – “Chican@, Bisexual & Genderqueer … With diabetes”

Through the story of Ricky García we learn that, despite diabetes affecting the entire Latin@ community, being LGBTQ and diabetic has its own set of particular challenges.

#9 – “Transgender Rural Californians Face Hate Crimes”

Sandra Hinojosa, a transgender woman, shares her story of tribulation and triumph as an agricultural worker in California.

#8 – “Consider This: Before and After Coming Out”

Reaching out to Melissa Lopez, LCSW, a psychotherapist and counselor based in Pasadena, CA who has been practicing LGBTQ affirming and empowering therapy for eight years, xQsí was able to get some tips on what to consider before coming out.

#7 – “Photos of Long Beach LGBTQ Pride 2011″

Capturing people laughing, dancing, holding hands and wearing the colors of the rainbow– colors that clearly reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ people. This photo set taken at Long Beach LGBTQ Pride shows how important this event for the Los Angeles Latin@ community.

#6 – “Torta Tortón: La historia depende de quien nos la cuenta”

Dándonos su perspectiva como mujer lesbiana proveniente de lo que llaman en Uruguay “la generación sándwich” -  la generación que se gradúo de la escuela en los inicios de la dictadura militar de los 70 y vivió toda su adolescencia en ella – nuestra Torta Tortón demuestra como la historia depende mucho de quien decide contarla.

#5 – “Q&A with The Sirens”

Music listeners in the United States tend to have a wide selection of bands representing different shades of the US cultural spectrum. But finding a unique band is something that comes around only once in a great while. The Sirens are as unique as they come, and these queer Latinas definitely know how to bring a crowd to their feet with their punk rock beats. xQsí interviews the rockin’ ladies.

#4 – “7 Bi Latin@s and Latin Americans You Should Know”

As a way of combating the rampant monosexism and bi erasure, xQsí joins in on the global celebration of bisexuality with this list of 7 bi Latin@s and Latin Americans you should know.

#3 – “Noticias Univisión 34 Primera Edición: A Lesson in Underlying Transphobia”

Calling out Noticias Univisión for their transphobia when airing a YouTube video of a fight between trans women, writer Annel Estrada demonstrates that even among journalists, professional and respectful depictions of LGBTQ people are rare.

#2 – “Viviendo en la Claridad: La sombra de Luz”

The first of many installments to the fiction column Viviendo en la Claridad, “La sombra de Luz” (also available in English here) details the darkness that Luz falls into after a break up. However, she soon discovers that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

#1 – “Chateando with the Creators of Marimacho”

Our number one spots belongs to the wonderfully talented women over at Marimacho. For this Q&A xQsí sits with the masterminds behind the transmasculine clothing line.

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