Launched on October 7th of this year by a partnership between the LGBT Community fund, an initiative of The Chicago Community Trust (CCT), and consultant firm Morten Group, the LGBT Community Needs Assessment will determine how to to raise and spend a million dollars in the Chicagoland LGBTQ community over the next three years. The assessment, consisting of surveys (available in both English and Spanish) to more than 1,500 LGBTQ-identified people, will eventually be followed by community stakeholder interviews and focus groups.

Once completed, The LGBT Community Fund’s steering committee will then oversee fundraising and ultimately determine how  funds will be distributed to Chicagoland’s LGBTQ nonprofit agencies and programs.

However, since it’s launch, the online surveys have not been as widely answered by LGBTQ people of color. In fact early numbers show that nearly 3 out of 4 respondents have been white.

In order to address this problem, the Assessment has made outreach into the South and West its number one priority.

How you can help:

  • Live in Chicago and its nearby suburbs? Take the survey! It’s available in English and Spanish, both online and in a hard copy format (available at various local LGBTQ organizations).
  • Already took the survey? Spread the word! Tweet the links, share it on your Facebook page, email it to your friends, blog about it, Tumble it, throw a survey-taking party, etc. The options are endless. The more LGBTQ people of color that answer, the better!
  • Don’t live in Chicago? You can still help! We all know people in different cities. Sharing it to people you may know in Chicagoland helps out a lot. (But please, don’t fill it out unless you live in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.)

The results are expected to be made public early next year.

For more information, visit the LGBT Community Fund website at

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