Argentine Gender Identity Law closer to reality


Yesterday, in what has been called a historic moment by Argentine LGBTQ activists, a package of four bills commonly referred to as the Gender Identity Law successfully obtained a majority of votes during a joint meeting of the General Legislation and Justice committees of Argentina. Presented earlier this year with the full support of various LGBTQ and trans organizations, the 4 bills together would make it easier for transgender people to obtain accurate governmental documentation and services.

Stating that gender identity is an internal and individual experience that may or may not correspond with that assigned at birth, the law would allow name and gender corrections on all documentation through a simple procedure made to the National Registry of Persons. Additionally, the text does not set specific requirements for the change of gender, except for the applicant’s request, thus bypassing the need for costly and pathologizing medical, psychiatric or surgical treatments.

Currently, transgender people who wish to correct their documentation must go through a lengthy legal process that includes medical and psychological examinations, with no guarantee of a favorable ruling.

“We hope for the rapid advance of the Identity Law in the National Chamber of Deputies, so that the right we currently obtain judicially [...] can be a right for everyone throughout the country,” said Marcela Romero, Secretary General of the Argentine Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people (FALGBT) and President of the ATTTA (Asociación Trasvestis, Transexuales y Transgénero de la Argentina) via press release. “We want equality and identity for the trans collective and the opportunity to advance strongly in the guarantee of integral health care, which is one of the principal demands of our collective.”

Having obtained the necessary signatures in favor, the package of bills will now proceed to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies where it will be discussed in the coming weeks.

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