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XQsí Magazine — A call to all Latin@ voters

A call to all Latin@ voters


We are about a year away from the presidential elections and although it may seem too early to start getting involved, this is actually the right time. We’ve already seen the Republicans feuding among themselves for the official party candidacy. Frankly, after what I’ve seen during the debates, even putting the best of each of the possible runners, there is no chance of finding someone who has what is needed to run the country effectively for the next term.

In fact, it is truly hard to believe that such characters are hopefuls to the highest office. Not only are they politically immature, but also ridiculously uneducated, without a true national and world vision, and (clearly) with many personal issues, flaws and shortcomings! But who doesn’t, right? Okay, I’ll give you that one. But for someone who for the next four years will determine the future of the American people and the placement of the USA in the world? Give me a break! Frankly, these candidates are as bad and ridiculous as those you would see in many third world countries!

On the other side, we have as a possible option: President Obama. Do we have doubts about him? Geez! I’ve heard a few Latin@ bothers and sisters, particularly their elders saying that he betrayed us, that he never delivered what he promised us when he was elected. He said he would lay down a immigration reform that would ensure security and legal status and address the border problem in a way that our Latin@ brothers and sisters would not have to risk their lives to make a living.

I’ve heard that over and over and I wonder when he said that because I never heard it. And I promise you, it wasn’t because I didn’t pay attention to his promises or all he’s done throughout his administration. Frankly, I have no reason to “defend him,” just as an African-American lady said a few years ago – because she was tired of doing so. First, he doesn’t need to be defended because he hasn’t done anything wrong nor has he neglected his promises. President Obama has been facing one the worse situations a US president has faced in our history. And I am not exclusively talking about facing the mortgage and banking bubble. It’s also the highest unemployment in who knows how many decades, a lethargic financial growth, a pathetic situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, a delicate situation with the Arab nations revolting, the chronic lack of confidence among the American people, etc., etc., etc.

We can’t simply overlook the fact that the Republicans, namely those in Congress enticed by the Tea Partiers, have literally opposed anything he’s said, inquired and done. However, we still are on our feet; we are pushing the engine forward, with trouble and low in gas but we are not at the brink of what we where just a few months before he was elected. Maybe that has nothing to do with the Republicans, perhaps it has nothing with the democrats but it has a lot to do with the American people at large. It’s not partisan politics and policies that every single suggestion coming from Obama has been used against him. What has been thrown against him has been against the American people. However, a lot of people seem to overlook that very important fact.

We need to start working on educating those that have the wrong idea of what Obama “promised,” should have delivered, and supposedly never did. It is time to teach our Latin@ brothers and sisters than he is not the lesser of two evils. He is the only possibility at this stage. But as well, a second term will insure that some of the items he wanted to deliver for the American people will be at last delivered. As well, we need to show that the engine behind the Republicans, the same engine that provoked the financial crisis, the unbalance of health services and providers, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, has only helped the rich and affluent people. President Obama wants to change that order and not because he is a Socialist wanting to change our ruling system, as some people accuse him. He is not a socialist, he is a socially conscious individual! Exactly what the country has been needing for the last few generations.

Today, a year before elections, we must make sure the Republicans will not take power this coming election! If they do, thousands of undocumented long-term residents will be jailed and/or deported, even if they have children born in the US. Our south border will become a war zone against the poor people who are willing to risk their life in favor of supporting their poor families back home. Rights for all LGBTQ people will become a fantasy for the unforeseeable future. Women will have to travel the south border to have an abortion. Our presence in the Middle East will be not about monitoring the balance in the region but total control of all the unstable countries seeking for democracy thereby increasing more animosity among the Arab people. All this and much more.

In other words, we will get close to a totalitarian and dictatorial system in which the rich and moralists in the far side of the spectrum, will place their muscle on the rest of the population! Just look around and see the unbalance of wealth, power and opportunity between the poor and the rich! And in case you haven’t noticed: those that side with the far right, are not rich but are totally capable of doing whatever it takes to become one of them!

Start campaigning now! Don’t wait until a few weeks before because a grand number of the voters need to learn the truth about what has been happening in the country and to the country! Although this message is for all that have a social consciousness and support open-minded policies, the Latin@ community is the one that will suffer the most if a Republican takes power at the White House.

We’ve already seen the results of losing leverage in the House of Representatives. Although it is hard to believe, a number of Latin@s are Republican, but invariably they are after finding opportunity and a future at any cost. Now, they seek for higher social and financial gains, exactly what the Republican Party offers in exchange for their support. And why is that? Most Republicans were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and everyone else wants the same spoon!

If you can think, speak and walk, then get involved now! Otherwise it will be too late and too bad. Your vote will be good, but we most work towards making sure most of us vote for the positive future of our nation and the entire population. Not just the few that want to take America back to the 1800s.

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Isis Win

Isis nació como varón y al paso de muchos años hizo lo necesario para “reparar” este error. Durante los últimos 10 anos Isis ha transicionado y ha vivido tiempo completo en su género de congruencia desde 2006. Isis creció en la ciudad de México y vivió en centro y Sudamérica antes de venir a vivir a los EUA. Fue una dedicada escolar logrando grados en Ciencias de la Comunicación (política), antropología y sicología. La mayor parte de su vida profesional ha sido en el campo periodístico trabajando para la televisión, radio, periódicos y revistas. En los últimos años convirtió su hobby de la infancia en su profesión. Se convirtió en foto-periodista ganándose varios créditos mundiales en revistas y varias de sus imágenes están depositadas en The National Archives. Dedicada a su familia y profesión, Isis pospuso invertir en su congruencia de género y a partir del principio de el nuevo milenio, empezó su transición. Ha vivido su género tiempo completo desde 2006. A dedicada abogada de los Derechos Humanos y blogger, Isis puede ser encontrada en varios websites. Isis se considera gitana de corazón y su hobby favorito es viajar y vivir en cuantos lugares diferentes como sea posible. En los EUA, ha vivido en Washington DC, Charlottesville Va, San Francisco, la Cd de New York y Los Angeles Ca. En su tiempo libre Isis le gusta leer y escribir, tocar y componer música, acampar, esquiar en agua y nieve y gozar la compañía de sus su familia y amigos.

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  • http://www.pilarmarrero.com Pilar Marrero

    You make very good points Isis, but i can assure you that he did say he would do immigration reform in the first year of his government. How do I know? He told me personally, when i interviewed him in 2008. So there you go.

    • Isis Win

       Danny and Pilar, thanks for your comments. Sorry I didn’t respond before but I didn’t know about your comments, As you can see now, things are more shapely and clear in terms of the effectiveness (or lack of) of Obama’s regime. Regarding immigration, as they knew, although a few illegal immigrants had been deported in a couple of states, only a few of those cases are under revision because the supporting evidence of illegal activity has not been produced. But most, the cases were judged and proved. The administration threatened the states with a legal suit since immigration issues are federal issues, not state. However, as believed, those states today are suffering from rental vacancies, service businesses closed and large loses of revenue. Rendering a few towns almost like ghost towns. Not because deportations but the fear of those illegal on those towns. They are getting what they wished and learning the consequences. Will a bill show up the congress? It will, it is just a matter of time and depending on the priorities of the moment. The question is how will that bill be written. I think we already know if it comes from the republicans, it will not be any good. Last, the recent presidential support to same gender marriage makes clear that Obama is not playing games with the voters nor compromising with the republicans. Not many times in US history a president stated his position in delicate issues that could compromise his position or election. So now we know better if we can expect delivery on his promises. Oh! According to retired republicans, as well annalists on both ends of the spectrum, Obama has addressed each of the issues on the table and has done it quite well. I think that maybe your disappointment is the result of the media propaganda. However, time shows the facts and it is more clear today that he has been an excellent US president, but as well, no one is perfect.

  • http://kararikue.com Danny Olvera

    Although I agree with you, Isis, that Latin@s need to start getting involved now, I do feel promises were made that haven’t been kept.

    Yes, I am aware that Obama has faced some of the largest obstacles any president has faced in the last 20 years. He has definitely done a decent job considering the political and economic climate of the country

    That said, I feel promises were made that have yet to be kept and I’m not talking about marriage equality. This really comes down to the deportations.

    Obama, arguably, has little control over what Congress passes or doesn’t pass. So, understandably, immigration reform is somewhat out of his hands. Nonetheless, the deportations I feel are totally in his hands. He could, through an executive order issue a moratorium on all deportations until immigration reform is passed.

    The issue again is why hasn’t he? I honestly don’t feel Obama is anti-immigrant or even anti-Latin@. But I do think he is a pragmatist to a fault. He knows doing so would enrage the Right and practically guarantee his status as a one term president.

    That said, I cannot deny that I don’t have hope for Obama. He has done a lot of good during term in office. He is arguably one of the most LGBT-friendly presidents we have EVER had (despite his evolving position on marriage equality). He has successfully pushed for health care reform. He has made it easier for trans people to obtain updated passports with their true gender. etc. etc.

    So if it were 2008 again, would I vote for him? In a heartbeat! But if it were 2012, would I? I just don’t know yet.

  • http://xQsi Isis Win

    Pilar, I had a 3 min chat with Obama during his campaign and he as well, insured me the immigration and LGBT issues will be dealt with. But I know, he didn’t know what was awaiting for him. Neither did I! Thanks!

  • http://xQsi Isis Win

    I can understand your frustration and concern but no offense, you need to educate yourself as much as many of us about how these matters work.
    Yes, he did promise a reform at the entry of his period. However, he didn’t know what was waiting for him: Not an ideology, human and civil rights issue, but one that would determine the unforeseeable future of the country and the American people. Likely what you don’t know about this process: The President MUST attend lengthy and repetitive meetings with his staff, advisers, Secretaries, chairmans and key members of any related committee, members of both parties, etc. Every single individual in this process must prepare their inform based on collected data, each team analyze the total, draw conclusions, present their summaries, etc. This process for each of the teams involved. They present the President all pertinent work, the President checks with his key people and advisers, committee and party key members involved and the process starts over and over, to tack each of the single issues that determine the solution to this problem. I highly recommend you to see the HBO movie “Too Big to Fail” that shows a very small version of what the process involved to save the banks was. The film doesn’t cover the rest of the partisan parts, White House, each of the government departments involved, etc.
    In other words, each of the promises President Obama made, once on the table, must go through the very same process and stages. The financial crisis, Health Act, bail out, etc, etc, etc, had been very different issues that required the very same process. Therefore, ask yourself if he had the chance to address this issue yet .
    In my view, is unfair and unjust to disregard what is involved to irrefutably state he failed to deliver his promise.
    You mention as well the deportations up to this moment. Good point! but the White House cannot do anything at the moment for as long as the reform is not in place! This reform will be at Federal level. What you’ve seeing so far, is the result of the actual status of the Federal and States policies. Part of what this reform in place needs, is to either grant or deny authority, to each of the states involved to act on their own! As you may know, some south states had addressed recent policies at legislative level, they had been passed and the authorities involved acted on them as created. Well, the truth of this is that although it is true some people had been deported, for the most part it hasn’t simply because this new state’s policies don’t clearly address the mechanics to deliver the mandate. Such as the Police departments are clueless as what the valid legal regulations and rights are! This is the main reason Obama knew there is a need to a new Immigration Reform. Same that has been in debate and bounced on and off the Senate and Congress tables since the time of President Clinton.
    Obama’s promises were based on Human and Civil Rights that at this junction are obsolete and are heavily used as a detracting political debate from the Republicans to the Democrats. This is where I meant going back to the 1800′s if we allow a Republican to take over.
    Although it is totally understandable to feel frustration and resentment towards the President in power for the actual status of many serious issues such as the needed Immigration Reform, providing the denied basic rights to LGBT people among to many others, only a right partisan person will believe that the GOP will be a good party in power. Others, whether left or right, even moderate, know that Obama is the only possibility to address these issues while the Republicans not only do not offer anything in these areas, they clearly and repetively had stated that they are fully against all of the mentioned issues. They had threatened Latinos, Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered people if they are elected. That is the point in mention in my note. The least we all can do, is to learn what is involved in the realization of all of these policies first. Then we can figure out the possible reasons they are not addressed at this point. I can almost bet that Obama will present this reform before elections and that the Congress will use it to campaign against him. Bottom line, anything that will come from the White House, will be used against Obama’s possibilities to be elected. It is about politics! And you and I are not politicians but we are VOTERS!
    Thank you all for your contributions!


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