Being oneself is not easy, but being somebody else is too painful.


In my not so long ago, I was a person loaded with so many questions and literally no answers. It bugged the heck out of me because finding those answers, in my head, represented being who I am, becoming happier and find a sense of reliable peace. Therefore, without them I was in limbo. I wondered then “For how long do I need to prolong this?.” No answer came out and I fell into oblivion once again. I searched everywhere, never gave up, keep asking, reading, consulting and nothing!

All of the above is nothing that anyone else is exempt from in life. Perhaps a few, simply let themselves go with the flow, others close their eyes and the rest settle for whatever they found . . . or not. But this is something that is not possible to someone that is aware of being so different and such simply doesn’t fit in the mainstream world. Someone who’s internal components, brain wiring, self expression and much more doesn’t match that world we were born in. This wouldn’t be an issue if we didn’t t live in this “imperfect” world or if we didn’t care for others or  have all sort of associations that everyone else enjoys. We were born to live in this world for one specific and clear reason: to enjoy life, to grow and manifest our selves in the best possible way we can and (who knows?) make a difference. But how can we do that when we know that we can’t be our own self? When we need to become someone else, someone that complies with everyone’s wishes and accepted values? There is no way – we all people under the LGBTQ umbrella – should go that way. So, what can we do?

Sadly, a few people lose their faith and commit against their own selves by either resorting to sex, alcohol or drug abuse, or support themselves in a dangerous and unhealthy trade or killing themselves. A total defeat to the birth process and right of life. The good news is that today all that antagonism towards different people is lesser but more importantly, today there are people that care for you, me and everyone else. Also, there are resources and breaking the mold not only can become rewarding, but you can become a trendsetter for others to follow. Look around the world and the recent history; changes are taking place. And those changes are available to anyone that invest all is needed to “find” that answer, that peace, that place in life. Just like I did after so many years of confusion and tribulations. Today, look at me, I discovered something so amazing that I even have the time and energy to go everywhere to share my own discovery with others, so they learn – the same is awaiting for them.

And how do you get started? Easy! First you need to recognize and accept the fact that you need to find the place where you want to be. Then, do the leg work and reach as many people as you can. Do not whine, nor try to find someone to fix you or your problems. When I was young I heard this basic principle to find what I wanted: “Do not simply come with the problem if you want to fix it, come with the solutions too.”

The fact after that is – that those that know what it is needed to be done, always find the answer that leads to the solution. And one solution leads to the other one. Little by little, all the boulders found in life become pebbles that we can toss away. And without realizing it, we are on our path of doing what is the number one ticket in life to everyone: To acknowledge who we are, to accept it as is, to honor it every single moment in our life and to learn how to love our own self with all our problems, pitfalls, shortcomings and needs.

The ultimate fact to everyone is that we came alone to this life, we remain alone and we die the very same way. But through this journey in life we can reach others, embrace them and become a community that aims for the same purpose than ours. When we are there, all that past becomes no more than an old history. A story of troubled times that by enduring every single bit of it and in it, we developed character. And that character is the fabric of life. We become who we truly are and there are no longer any questions. Join us here, there and everywhere. Because although we might be alone, we are many and we all care for the very same!

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