Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day and we here at xQsí are joining the global celebration. Unfortunately, due to the rampant monosexism that exists both in the LGBTQ communities and in society as a whole, bi/poly/pansexual identities are often erased and marginalized. In order to combat bi invisibility and to celebrate the contributions of our bi herman@s, we present you with our top 7 bi Latin@s/Latin Americans you should know.


Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) Mexican
Arguably Mexico’s most famous bisexual woman, Frida Kahlo is best known for her haunting self-portraits. Although she did not reach widespread fame during her life, today her art is celebrated by Mexican people in Mexico and in communities abroad for its strong links to indigenismo and for the harsh candor in which she explored femininity.


Jaime Bayly (1965 – present) Peruvian
A writer, journalist and TV personality, Jaime Bayly‘s life has been full of controversy. Beloved for his self-deprecating humor and loathed for his unrelenting self-promotion, Jaime came out to the Peruvian public as bisexual in his 1994 best-selling book No se lo Digas a Nadie (Don’t Tell Anyone). According to Perú Económico, he is the fifth most influential person in Peru, with 13 novels and a nationally syndicated column.


Ana Carolina (1974 – present) Brazlilian
A Latin Grammy nominated singer, composer, and musician, Ana Carolina is one of Música Popular Brasileira’s (popular Brazilian music) best known stars. Openly bisexual to her family since the age of 16, Ana Carolina famously came out to the Brazilian public in 2005 in Brazilian magazine VEJA. With 8 albums under her belt since beginning her career in 1999, Ana Carolina continues to create music, her last album N9ve reaching double-platinum status in Brazil.

Julio Bocca (1967 – present) Argentinian
Said to be the most important Argentinian dancer of all time, Julio Bocca is one of ballet’s biggest stars. With his own dance company, Ballet Argentino (which he founded in 1990), Julio performed on stages all over the world before retiring in 2007. Out as bisexual since 2001, he admits that coming out lifted a weight from his shoulders, since prior to then everyone inquired about his personal life and since then no one cares.


Raúl Esparaza (1970 – present) Cuban
A US born Cuban Broadway stage actor and singer, Raúl Esparza has been repeated nominated for the Tony Awards. He is best known for his performances as Philip Salon in Taboo and Riff Raff in the Broadway revival of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Raúl came out as bisexual to the US American public in 2006 when the subject of a New York Times profile. Raúl has since expanded on his career, with roles on the TV series Pushing Daisies and Medium.


Gabriela Mistral (1885-1957) Chilean
The first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, Gabriela Mistral was poet, educator, and feminist. A prolific writer, Gabriela published over 800 essays in magazines and newspapers throughout Latin America and the world. Although her bisexuality was not confirmed in her lifetime, scholars of her poetry and works point to underlying themes of female eroticism to support the notion that Gabriela was in fact bisexual.


Jaime Saenz (1921-1986) Bolivian
One of the greats of Bolivian literature, Jaime Saenz was a poet, novelist, and writer of short stories. Known for his dark poetry that is often described as hallucinatory and transcendent, Jaime was openly bisexual and unashamed of it. His poetry is studied in Latin America for its strong ties to the indigenous culture(s) of La Paz, where he lived his entire life.

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