Argentina to Debate Gender Identity Law

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On August 18, the Argentine Congress will begin the debate on a proposed gender identity law. If passed, this law would allow anyone to correct hir name, gender and image registration in all public records through a quick and simple procedure.

Currently, trans people who wish to obtain a government ID with their true gender and name must wait years for a judges ruling, often being denied and forced to go through a lengthy and costly appeals process.

In preparation, the Argentine Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people (FALGBT) and the ATTTA (Asociación de Trasvetis, Transexuales y Transgéneros de Argentina) launched earlier last week, the campaign “Identidad: Derecho a ser” (“Identity: The right to be” in English).

“Not having an ID for us means the denial of basic right to identity. In addition to the moral damage that this causes, it often limits our access to the health care, excludes us from the education system, keeps us from getting a job, or receiving retirement stipends.” said Marcela Romero, national coordinator for ATTTA and vice-president of FALGBT “In many provinces, the police stop us, imprison us and kill us. For trans people, democracy has not arrived yet. We live as in a dictatorship under the systematic violation of our rights.”

The campaign includes a collection of articles, background information, expert opinions, expression of public support, and the following video spot headed by reality TV stars Celeste Montanari (El Bar TV) and Alejandro Iglesias (Gran Hermano Argentina).

Ley de Identidad de Género. Derecho a ser. LGBT. from Juan Pablo Félix on Vimeo.

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