Film Preview: “Mosquita y Mari” by Aurora Guerrero


Mosquita y Mari (or MyM for short) is a promising story of love and friendship – of a tender coming-of-age narrative with raw glimpses into the bittersweet and often overlooked struggles experienced by the unlikely pair of 15-year-old teenagers depicted in the film, and many others like them.

Set in Huntington Park, California, MyM tells the story of Yolanda Olveros and her neighbor Mari Rodríguez: two young Chicanas who form an inseparable bond and become best friends in high school.

After an unexpected twist of events, it’s their very bond that tests the limits of an innocent friendship, challenging the girls to re-examine the undeniable love between them.

In what could be considered to be an unsung anthem for Latin@ LGBTQ youth, this Sundance/Ford Fellowship independent film is written and directed by Chicana filmmaker Aurora Guerrero, an HBO/New York International Latino Film Festival Award-Winning director. Guerrero’s previous films include Pura Lengua (2005) and Viernes Girl (2005).  She assisted in the production of films like Real Women Have Curves (2002) and La Mission (2009). MyM is her first feature-length film.

MyM features a multi-generational cast of strong female characters, and is lead by a director whose vision of Latin@s, immigration, and sexuality is both candid and refreshing.

“It’s a story that deserves to be told,” said Guerrero. “I have experienced love with both genders and the roller coaster ride of emotion is no different. What makes the experience different is homophobia, heterosexism and heteronormativity. All in all, I think this film has a unique angle on the coming-of-age story.”

Certainly, these are recurring yet often clouded themes for society in general. More importantly, MyM offers an insight and provides a platform to fuel discussion on what a heteronormative, and thus intolerant, community might not understand. Her story finds added pressure in tackling “unnatural” feelings in a “straight” world, dealing with the hardships of coming from a working class, immigrant background, as well as facing the inevitable confusion that comes with growing up.

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UPDATE: As of May 26, 2011, MyM has secured funding from their Kickstarter campaign and has begun pre-production.

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